About Us

Hays Surgery Center is currently credentialing physicians in Pain Management, Neuro-spine, Orthopedics, Urology, Urogynecology, Gynecology, podiatry, pediatric dentistry, pediatric ophthalmology, and ENT.

The medical and nursing staff work together to provide the best services for the patients entrusted to our care. This team approach is maintained throughout the continuum of patient care.

Only patients falling into the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status Class I (a normally healthy patient), and Class II (a patient with mild systemic disease), and Class III (a patient with severe systemic disease) patients whose ASA status would not be adversely affected or sought to be remedied by the procedure will be treated at the ASC. It is Hays Surgery Center’s policy to not treat any patients with an ASA greater than III unless approved by the medical director and Chief of Anesthesia. Patients age 10 or above, and weighing 100 pounds and above, will be treated. Patients age 6 months to 1 year will only be considered for myringotomy with tubes, and greater than 6 months will be treated for all other procedures offered at HSC. Patients less than 6 months of age will require pre-approval by the Chief of Anesthesia.

The treating physician has the final responsibility for screening each patient prior to the procedure to insure that lab work, history and physical and general evaluation indicate acceptability.

Patients with known malignant hyperthermia, or family history of malignant hyperthermia will not be treated.

Procedures performed in the ASC are those that generally do not exceed 90 minutes in length and do not require more than four hours recovery or convalescent time. Thus, ASC patients generally do not require extended care as a result of ASC procedures. An unanticipated medical circumstance may arise that would require a patient to stay in an overnight healthcare setting. Such situations would be most infrequent. The ASC has a transfer agreement with a local hospital (see Hospital Transfer Agreement) should this arise.

As per our Credentialing Policies, the Governing Board has approved the physicians’ requested delineation of privileges for the procedures currently to be performed in our ASC. The signed delineation of privileges are kept at the Administrator’s office in their personnel files.